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Michael Schenker Group Tales Of Rock 'n' Roll World Tour Live In Bangkok

Date : Nov.21st, 2006
Promoter: Prart Music Group Co.,Ltd.
Venue : Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani
Capacity : 3000 peoples

msAs the time goes by, the god of guitarists was coming attack to Thailand. They say if you are a rocker and rock guitarist, you will never miss this concert. Michael Schenker is a German hard rock and heavy metal guitarist and former member of UFO and a founding member of the Scorpions and the Michael Schenker Group (MSG). It can guarantee who Schenker is and evaluate him to be the god of guitarists indifficultly. Prosperous Schenker is the one of rarely amount of guitarists who can pass through the early '70s till now. Schenker's character is modern-sounding hard rock with many extended solo periods in songs allowing Schenker to exhibit his talent. Schenker is famous for his half-black, half-white Gibson Flying V guitar. The beauty of harmony and melody was showed in his song. Nov. 21st, 2006 was the day that Michael Schenker an official member of UFO, the Scorpions and the MSG came to join the legend concert in Thailand, Michael Schenker Group Live In Bangkok.

Michael Schenker accompany with Wayne Findley on rhythm guitar and keyboard, Pete Holmes on drum, Rev Jones on bass and Jari Tiura on vocal.

The performance began with "Assault Attack" that is a song from Assault Attack album. The MSG played "Are You Ready to Rock" and "Let It Roll" following by the songs from the newest album, Tales of Rock 'N' Roll, i.e. "Dust to Dust", "Love Trade" and "Shadow Lady". Schenker played 14 songs before restarted in encore period. The MSG came back with the legend songs like "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom". That is The Michael Schenker Group. In addition, Schenker and Tiura surprised his fans by stepped down to shake-hand with them in front of the stage for the end of this show.

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1. Assault Attack
2. Ready To Rock
3. Let It Roll
4. Dust To Dust
5. Love Trade
6. Shadow Lady
7. Lights Out
8. Into The Arena
9. But I Want More
10. 2 Hot 2 Handlev 11. On & On
12. Only You Can Rock Me
13. Armed & Ready
14. Attack Mad Axe

15. Arachphobiac
16. Doctor Doctor
17. Rock Bottom

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